Our Activities


At Seek first The Kingdom Ministry, our activities and events are tailored to give you the abundant life promised by our Lord Jesus Christ.
The mission statement of our Lord Jesus Christ is to give life in all its fullness as in John 10:10, which simply means life in all its fullness on this earth and eternal life after you leave this earth as He said in John 17:3 and the way to achieve this is through a good personal relationship with God and this we do by the following:


In the truth class, we study the Bible but in a different way. It is interactive and analytical with the objective of giving an insight into and understanding of the word of God so that you can, effectively, put the principles and the teaching to practice. Every person is encouraged and guided to study the Bible, to understand the principles of God and to live by these principles so that your prayer life is effective, your Christian life is to enjoyable and have a warm and cordial relationship with the Lord God Almighty as His Son.


We meet for prayer meetings because the Lord Jesus Himself said that men ought to pray always (Luke 18: 1-8). Prayer changes things. Prayer is efficacious when you understand what effective prayer really is and so we teach about the dynamics of prayer in our truth class and then we put it to practice at the prayer meetings. Every born-again Christian is a priest and you learn to look up to the Lord God Almighty as the one who answers prayers. You are encouraged to have a strong personal prayer life such that you are not unnecessarily dependent upon any pastor before your prayer is answered. However, If you need corporate anointing in the place of prayer or you need intercession we are there to back you up.


This is the heartbeat of God. For our Lord Jesus Christ came to win souls into the Kingdom of Heaven. You and I have been saved and to us He has given the responsibility to continue the work as stated in Mathew 28:18-20 and Mark 16: 15-18 and so we carry on the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, expanding the Kingdom of Heaven through the Harvest of Souls and through the continued nurturing and nourishing of believers (Discipleship).


The Lord has empowered us to equip other believers with power and this we do through our regular training Program, Seminars, Conferences, making use of the audio-visuals as well as respected resource persons who teach from the Bible and their personal experiences. We have had seminars in the past on “Building the Total Quality Christian” as well as “Effective Evangelism and Healing” and we plan to run more Seminars Conferences in future.


Our Lord Jesus Christ said “Come to me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest”. Mathew 11:28 NLT. Do you have a burden or a heavy heart? You are welcome to share with us and with the help of Holy Spirit we will counsel you and back it up with prayers.


It is the counsel of God for us to prosper and be in health even as we prosper spiritually (John 10:10b, 3 John 2). Jesus Christ is the Provision of God to mankind to set us free from every affliction of the devil; no matter the condition you find yourself, Jesus Christ is the Answer. Come, believing in the name of Jesus Christ. We invite you to read Blog Posts to read the testimonies of those whom the Lord has ministered to through this Ministry.


We have written and published tracts, Articles and Newsletters on different topics which can assist you in Evangelism and Personal Development. Check our Media posts sermons and programs.